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Facebook 和 Google+ 同時釋出更新

不曉得是不是約好的,今天FacebookGoogle+同時釋出iPhone App更新,提供新功能和修正一些錯誤。前陣子Facebook好像感受到來勢洶洶的Google+威脅,一直進行網站改版和測試新功能,同時也準備提供iPad版。可能知道Google+已非昔日的吳下阿蒙,如不提早武裝備戰,社群網路的版圖想必會被瓜分不少。這次的Google+更新,只有新支援Reshare Post功能,還有修正些許錯誤和提升效能而以。Facebook則在整數3.5版,一口氣新增了多項功能和修正錯誤,下面來看看Facebook 3.5版更新了那些項目。





Made it easier to share with who you want
- Added the ability to tag friends and places in posts
- Added the ability to share external links from a web view
- Added new design for Profile and Group Walls
- Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the web site

Improvements and bug fixes:
- Improved Notifications speed
- Fixed a number of Chat bugs
- Made it easier to select filters in News Feed
- Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing
- Fixed a number of Photos bugs
- Improved performance and stability overall