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極速快感:iPhone 版臥底風雲上架了

Need For Speed™ Undercover 極速快感:臥底風雲剛剛終於上架了,售價 $9.99 美金,遊戲有 24 關和有最後的隱藏任務,預告一下,重量級遊戲還有 The Sims™ 3 and Madden NFL 10 也即將上架到 App store 了。

Game Features

● Innovative touch controls activate tilt control steering and power boosters for a faster,
   tighter ride!
● Take on cops and thugs in raging street battles!
● Drive 20 of the world's fastest and hottest cars including the Porsche Carrera GT and
   the Lamborghini Gallardo
● Incredible 3D graphics and sweeping camera angles intensify your ride.
● Engage in 24 covert ventures that lead to intricate secret missions.
● Choose 8 high-impact race modes including Highway Battle, Sprint, and Cop Takeout.
● Earn performance upgrades like Speed, Boost, Acceleration, and Handling.
● Trick out your vehicle with aftermarket spoilers, wheels, body kits, and paint schemes.
● Receive instructions and updates on missions via realistic, full-motion cinematics.

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  1. Undercover= 暗中進行的;從事祕密(或間諜)工作的(臥底),不是Underground~所


    版主回覆:(06/02/2009 10:08:17 AM)


    我只有玩過最早期的 PC 版而以