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您的專屬 iPhone 完美情人 - Perfect Girl

情人節不免俗的來應應景,介紹個前二天才發佈的軟體 Perfect Girl。情人節沒情人很傷心嗎?出門又擔心眼睛被閃瞎,那就讓 Perfect Girl 來陪伴您吧。

您只要點擊或是搖晃 iPhone,您的完美 iPhnoe 情人就會跟您講話,至於講什麼我不太清楚 ( 因為我沒有安裝,要錢呀 ),不過應該是講英文,官網是說講一些 reassuring and sexy phrases 鼓勵和性感的話。

情人節沒情人很痛苦嗎?花個 $0.99 美金來訂做一個完美情人吧 ^.^

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  1. 我知道講什麼!

    I'm the perfect girl.*
    I called in sick for you. Have fun at the game!
    I love ninjas.
    Wear whatever you want.
    I'll try anything once.*
    Have fun drinking with your friends!*
    Here, you can have my food.
    You are so right.
    Sleep in as late as you want, I'll have breakfast ready.
    I cleaned the game room.*
    Did you want me to wait outside?
    I hooked up the surround sound!*
    See you in the morning!*
    I bought you a new speed boat.
    I bought you some spray paint.
    Do you think she's flirting with us?
    I really love watching you play video games.
    Happy birthday. I got you a monkey!
    Just get drunk there, I'll come pick you up.

    from Gizmodo